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About Me

Shawn Torry is a local photographer. He has lived in the Fayetteville area for a number of years, and proudly calls it home.  Shawn got his start in photography at his Alma Mater, North Carolina A&T State University, where he was the photographer for the university newspaper, The A&T Register. Over the years his love of photography has continued to grow, with his passion leading him to create Phrozen Phrame Photography. The business name pays homage to Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., of which, Shawn is a member. Shawn most enjoys photographing people, their lives and the human form in motion and in its constant state of “being”.

Whether it’s head shots, commercial, fashion or fine arts, Shawn instinctively captures the truth and, when artistically necessary, spins it on its edge. He believes that great photography has no definition; it simply exists, and it's existence and recognition thereof, is subjective to each individual’s level of perception. To that extent, photography questions what we think we know, explores what is around us and touches the core of humanity in a place unreachable through language. Shawn’s portraits exemplify this theory, liberating the inner essence of his subjects and rendering them profoundly accessible to the viewer.

Shawn always strives to bring his fresh perspective to every shoot, always discovering the uniqueness of his subjects and emphasizing their own personal truth. His shoots are relaxed and comfortable, creating a fun atmosphere of exploration and discovery. The results are inspired, curious and innovative.

Shawn's overall philosophy about his art,“I sincerely believe that I am neither more unique, nor more an expert in my art as anyone else.  What I do, I do because it is therapeutic and refreshing. Because it is my passion! And mostly it grounds the man that I am.  So when it comes to the pursuit of perfection, I will never truly be an “expert” as I will always seek and find new ways to express myself within my art, so for now and always I will happily remain an “amateur”.  So in all things, be both blessed and true to your passions always!”

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